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International Division Rules


The International Division of Suffern Little League shall be an instructional division with a means toward preparing the 9 year old players for a transition into the minor league division the following year and toward preparing the 8 year old players to better learn the fundamentals of the game. These rules are subject to change at any time during the season by the SLL Board of Directors.

1. Games - Games shall regularly be played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. At the commencement of the season, the weekday games shall begin with thirty minutes of practice measured from the start time on the schedule. The teams will mingle for these practices which shall consist of “stations” of batting, fielding and pitching. The game will start 30 minutes from the start time on the league schedule and shall end on schedule. The weekday practices shall continue until the managers are advised otherwise by the league.

2. Players - A maximum of 10 players shall play defense, with the standard number of infield players and the remaining spread across the outfield. Managers may allow additional numbers in the outfield provided the atmosphere is safe. Regardless of the number of players available for each team, the practice and the game will be held. Teams with less than 8, will “borrow” players from the batting team.

3. Pitchers - At the beginning of the season (until notified by the league) 9 year olds (or approved 8 year olds) shall pitch every other inning. 9 year olds shall pitch from the actual pitching rubber (46 ft), while approved 8 year olds may pitch from 40 feet. At some time before the half-way mark of the season, the league will permit all 8 year olds to pitch. Until all 8 year olds are permitted to pitch, alternating innings shall be either “coach pitch” or by “sling shot” machine. Provided that he or she has not thrown the maximum number of pitches, the same pitcher may return to the game after the alternating inning.

4. Innings - A game shall be no more than five (5) innings.

5. Batting - Continuous batting order shall be used.

6. Bunting - Bunting is prohibited.

7. Scoring - There shall be no scoring or standings in this division. An inning will end after 3 outs or when every player in the line-up has batted (whichever occurs first).

8. Stealing - There shall be no stealing

9. Dead Ball - If, after the ball is hit into the outfield, the ball is returned to the infield and an infielder has control of the ball, all runners must stop at the base that they are running toward. If the infielder, however, attempts to make a play on a runner under those circumstances, then the play continues. On infield plays, a runner may only advance one base on an over thrown ball.

10. Time Limit - Games shall end 1 hour from the start when practices occur and 90 minutes from the start on other days. The batter at the plate when time runs out shall be the last batter.


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